Friday, October 29, 2010

form5 graduation batchie 2010 SMK Desa Petaling :)

*Wahh panjang post title kann ? haha .

the truth :
am i looked happy ? excited ? holy crap this is the moment ? 
youre wrong then .
im not so happy that day . 
cause act i hope those moment gonna happen there , yes there .
where a ship was built . friendship fosho :)
but its only on thatttt day
but now when i look back all the photos
i knew that iw fuckin miss this moments
even some of them , err YOU knows
but some of them were awwsome
ilove them . even for short 2 years , 
i probably know you guys much better than others
im a listener and observer
SMKDP , iloveyou
SMART , imissyou

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