Saturday, May 15, 2010



they all are the BESTBEST pwen ever aq. they're d people dat always in front of my eye.. 'my heart eye' . every secunds ticking, every oxygen i inhale, every carbon dioxcide i exhale while breathing. . evrytyme ma heart beatin, n when my pulse throbbing. , i will elwez thinkin of 'em. about our memorys. . xpecially d memory at ASMART. wutevu i doin, wut im thinkin, wut i talkin, wut i heard, wut i eat n drink. , i will automaticly, like a reflex action or knee jerk or any ather scince philosophy.. , rememered 'em. eventhough sum of 'em are DESTROYING my life, CRUSHING my heart, or sumtyme they're make me CRAZILY MAD like a CRAZY RIDICULOUS PSHYCO. , treat me like a TRASH!! ( uh i still cant poget it!!! ) or make my life SUCKS!! SHITT!! but they also make my life happier, like d UNCLE CRACKER SONG ( i dun remember sgt lar, but. . ) " u make me smile like the sun, fall outta bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head, spin like a record, crazy in d sunday nyte. . u make me dance like a fool, poget how to breath, shine like a gold, buzz like a bee, juzz d thought of u can drive me wild. . . huoo u make me SMILE. . " ( like dat laa dat song. . XD ). they PERFECTIN my life! better than bfore. . make me knowing d meanin of a relationship, a true FRIENSHIP. . even i dun noe haw to xplain dat myself. . n even i think dat they're sucha STUPID, IDIOT, MORON ! juz like me .( haha XD ) . with d pwencip, i totally realize dat they're really2 MUTHA FUCKIN HELLISH MUCH important to me. even we're separate rite now, i noe dat there is sumtin dat will tighten us FOREVER. . even i noe, now, i feel dat our feelin wuz not d same enymore. i hope dat can STOPP ! n kinda importante thing, IF, if i have to choose whether a friend or a GUY , i'w definitely , totally, no doubt, fez choice, choose d friend . . i had it once b4 n i dat time i wuz really, totally, FUCKIN FREAK !! DUMB !! why im so STUPID choose d CREEPY CREEP guy like dat?? n i wuz so regret dat happen. i dun EVEREVER want it happen again. with my AMYGOS FOEVUR or my other pwens. . cuz they're make my life GREAT even not permantly everlasting . .

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